Workshops and Expeditions

There is nothing more in this world that I enjoy than teaching photography, seeing someone else grow, becoming more confident in their skills or just seeing them enjoy stunning locations and culture is second to none.

This is why I set up Edge of Focus Photography, working alongside two other fantastic photographers, we run expeditions and workshops around the world.

My favourite country by far is Mongolia, being immersed in the culture and the remote wilderness makes you feel alive.

The expedition I run there is simply amazing. We take part in the winter migration of Kazakh Eagle Hunters, heading into the Altai mountains and not just living alongside the herders and hunters but also being a real part of their lives.

If this is something you'd love to do, then please follow this link to the Edge of Focus Photography site.

I also run workshops in New Zealand and Namibia, truly magical places. Being in the outdoors, close to nature is great for the soul and these workshops provide that very thing.

If you would like to enquire or book a workshop then please visit Edge of Focus Photography.

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